1. What should I do if the product has any issues, is damaged, or missing parts?

Please contact us immediately, we can arrange to send you a replacement.


2. After installing the product, it still feels a bit unstable. What could be the reason?

Please make sure that all structures have been installed correctly and fixed in place. When installing the top cover, make sure that all 6 positions have clicked into Ensure the top cover clicks onto the posts the slots. You can also review the installation video for further clarification.


3. How to solve the problem of cat litter being scattered during use:

Please make sure that all accessories have been installed correctly, including waterproof sealing strips and anti-slip strips at the bottom of the drawer. Please make sure there is no debris at the bottom of the drawer.


4. How to troubleshoot the problem when the drawer is stuck when it is pulled out:

Please make sure there is no debris at the bottom of the drawer, Whether the drawer has been pushed to the bottom when it is pushed in, You can push the litter box with your hands when pulling out the drawer.


5. Is it suitable for cats that urinate while standing?

We don't highly recommend it for cats that urinate while standing. Cats that stand while urinating may splatter urine onto the sidewalls, which can seep into the slot gaps, making cleaning more challenging.


6. How much weight can the top cover withstand?

The top cover can support up to 14 lb of weight, but it's advisable to prevent larger cats from directly jumping onto the top cover.


7. Can it be used as a top-entry cat litter box?

This litter box can be assembled as a top-entry bin by simply removing the top two panels. However, we recommend that your cat enter through the front door or sidedoor, so as to maximize the advantages of the product.


8. What's the difference between the transparent and white versions?

The transparent version is ideal for cats that are used to open litter boxes and transitioning to enclosed litter boxes. It is made of high-transparency polypropylene and is aesthetically pleasing. The white version offers greater privacy and features a translucent area that creates a dimly lit environment, allowing you to place it.


9. What thickness of cat litter is recommended?

It is recommended that the thickness of cat litter should be more than half the height of the litter box.