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PeTraum Extra Large Jumbo Cat Litter Box TIGO-X V2.0

PeTraum Extra Large Jumbo Cat Litter Box TIGO-X V2.0

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petraum extra large cat litter box


Spacious Comfort 🏡 | Mess-Free Entries 🚪 | Easy Cleaning Drawer 🧹 | Customizable Design 🎨 27.3" L × 18"H × 17.5"W

Prioritize your cat's well-being with our thoughtful litter box! 🌟 Enjoy ample space, mess-free entries, and effortless cleaning. Personalize the experience by selecting entry points for your feline friend's ultimate comfort! 🐱✨ #CatCareSimplified #TailoredForYou

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Cat litter box update log

V2.0 Upgrade content:

✨Strengthen internal packaging to prevent transportation damage.

✨Replace the waterproof and sandproof sealing strip material to address the urine odor issue.

✨Modify the drawer structure to improve the appearance of the textured finish.

✨Add an FAQ section to the manual.

✨Introduce a matte transparent material option.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Eugene Johnson
XL Box

Easy to setup could be a little stronger plastic but overall good product both cat took to it with no problem and now don’t have litter all over the floor one kitty that kick and kicks and litter would be everywhere but it’s good now.

A must have for big cats

My Bijoux loves her new litter box! She couldn’t wait for us to finish setting it up for her to jump in and on it. Setup was easy. This is a must have for big cats and multiples. It’s very sturdy. I was on the fence when I read some reviews saying that it’s flimsy. I’m glad that I took a chance. My cat and her acrobatic antics is going fine with the litter box. It’s been over a week and it’s still standing. Also I’m not sure what other reviewers are talking about pee leaking. We’ve had no accidents. If you’re on the fence like I was, just buy it. You wouldn’t be disappointed. My Bijoux approves this product😻

Laura Marsella
Great Customer Service- Great Product

Sometimes things happen. The petraum team made it right ! Love the litter box and so do Sidekick, Bubba and W-P ! Thanks !

Sue Stroud
Litter box

I haven't put it together yet

Spacious interior that my two little ones love!!!

I have two cats, a 3 year old and a 4 year old, and I've always used open litter boxes for them. I've tried closed litter boxes in the past, but they've always been too small and my cats didn't like using them. I was initially drawn to this litter box because of its stylish design, and the website said that it was extra large, so I decided to give a closed litter box another try.The packaging was great when I received it, I would recommend reading the instructions carefully before assembling the litter box for the first time, as I made a mistake with the parts at first. Once I figured it out, it was very easy to put together. I decided to install the entrance on the side, which seems to be working well so far.My cats were very curious about the litter box as I was assembling it, and they were using it within a day. I was surprised that they both took to it so quickly, especially since they've always been picky about litter boxes in the past.
Overall, I'm very happy with this litter box. It looks great! I don't have to hide it away anymore. I've never used a drawer-style litter box before, but I find it to be very convenient. I haven't had any problems with leaks so far, but I'll keep an eye on that as I continue to use it. The odor control is also much better than my previous litter box.


What should I do if the product has any issues, is damaged, or missing parts?

Please contact us immediately, we can arrange to send you a replacement.

After installing the product, it still feels a bit unstable. What could be the reason?

Please make sure that all structures have been installed correctly and fixed in place. When installing the top cover, make sure that all 6 positions have clicked into Ensure the top cover clicks onto the posts the slots. You can also review the installation video for further clarification.

How to solve the problem of cat litter being scattered during use?

Please make sure that all accessories have been installed correctly, including waterproof sealing strips and anti-slip strips at the bottom of the drawer.Please make sure there is no debris at the bottom of the drawer.

 How to troubleshoot the problem when the drawer is stuck when it is pulled out?

Please make sure there is no debris at the bottom of the drawer, Whether the drawer has been pushed to the bottom when it is pushed in, You can push the litter box with your hands when pulling out the drawer.

Is it suitable for cats that urinate while standing?

We don't highly recommend it for cats that urinate while standing. Cats that stand while urinating may splatter urine onto the sidewalls, which can seep into the slot gaps, making cleaning more challenging.

How much weight can the top cover withstand?

The top cover can support up to 14 lb of weight, but it's advisable to prevent larger cats from directly jumping onto the top cover.

Can it be used as a top-entry cat litter box?

This litter box can be assembled as a top-entry bin by simply removing the top two panels. However, we recommend that your cat enter through the front door or sidedoor, so as to maximize the advantages of the product.

What's the difference between the transparent and white versions?

The transparent version is ideal for cats that are used to open litter boxes and transitioning to enclosed litter boxes. It is made of high-transparency polypropylene and is aesthetically pleasing. The white version offers greater privacy and features a translucent area that creates a dimly lit environment, allowing you to place it.

What thickness of cat litter is recommended?

It is recommended that the thickness of cat litter should be more than half the height of the litter box.